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Your Secret Weapon Awaits

March 30th, 2016 |

Human Resources Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon CollegeInvest Employer Team

94% of your employees plan to send their children to college.  But less than half of them are saving for it.  This creates a tremendous amount of stress on parents.  Stress that you, as their employer, can help alleviate with the help of our team.

Armed with over 22 years of collective experience in the 529 industry, the Employer Team is on a mission to partner CollegeInvest with every company in Colorado.  We want to help your employees understand the true costs of college, what a 529 college savings plan is, and how to get started saving.

It doesn’t end there.  As the employer, you can allow your staff to make contributions to their 529s from their paycheck via direct deposit.  Contributions are all post-tax, and the process is the same as a typical direct deposit into a checking or savings account.  (This is direct deposit; not payroll deduction.)

You may think you don’t have time or bandwith to offer this benefit to your employees.  But with our help, you do.  Contact us and we’ll walk you through the very simple and quick process to join the hundreds of Colorado companies who have partnered with our team to help their employees save for college.

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