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Employer Contributions Portal FAQs

The new portal for Employer Contributions is a fast and easy way for you to enter contributions that you make to your employees’ CollegeInvest savings accounts. We have listed several Frequently Asked Questions below for easy reference. Please know that we’re here for you if you don’t find your answer, or would just like to talk to someone in person to get started, or resolve a tricky issue.



What information do I need to enroll my company?
You will need basic information, such as company address, contact info and SSN/TIN. You will also need to select the month that your company’s fiscal year ends. You may also add an optional secondary contact.

When I add an employee in order to record a contribution, I’m asked for their account number. Where do I find this information?
You employees need to provide you with their CollegeInvest account number(s). For privacy reasons, CollegeInvest cannot provide you with this information. If your employee does not know their account number, have them call us directly at 800-448-2424 and we will help them locate it.

How do I record a contribution?
Once you’ve entered an Employee (Employees menu, Add Employee) into the system, simply select their name, click on the “Record Contribution” button and fill in the amount you want to contribute. You have the option of funding the contribution via Check, ACH or Wire Transfer. Funding instructions will be emailed to you upon recording of your contribution.

How do I search for a contribution I recorded?
You can search for contributions under Contributions, Contribution Management. There you have the ability to search by employee name, date and account number.

How do I know if I already entered an employee into the system?
The Employee Management screen (Employees menu) will allow you to search employees by name or account number.

What if an employee has more than one CollegeInvest account?
There is no limit on the number of accounts an employee can have. You’ll enter each account separately, as if you are entering each one as a new employee. You can split your contribution among more than one account, if you wish.

What if my employee is not the account owner?
The law specifies that in order for a business to receive the tax credit, the contribution must be made to an employee’s account. If, for instance, your employee’s spouse is the account owner, this will not meet the standard of the tax law. So, have your employee open a new account in their name at It is simple and takes less than 10 minutes.

How much can I contribute?
There is no limit to what you can contribute, however, the tax credit will max out at $2,500 per employee, per year. (There is a 20% tax credit, with a maximum of $500 tax credit per employee, per year.  This equates to the $2,500 contribution.)

How frequently can I contribute?
As often, and whenever, you want.

How do I pull a year-end report for taxes?
From the Reports menu, you can access a fiscal year-end report that will detail all contributions made that year, detailed by employee.

What is the process for my company to claim the 20% tax credit for contributions?
Employers must complete Form DR 0289, titled Employer Contributions to Employee 529 Qualified State Tuition Program. The form can be found at near the bottom under Other Forms.

How do I change the SSN/TIN on my account profile?
Give us a call at 303-376-8813 and we will make that change for you.

How long will it take until an employee receives my contribution in to their account?
Generally, approximately two weeks from the date we receive your funds.

Is there an enrollment period to sign up?
No, you can enroll and start contributing at any time at

My issue isn’t listed and I still need help.
No problem! For questions related to using this portal and making contributions, please reach out to our Employer Program customer service at 303-376-8813 or email them at