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Stable Value Plus

The current annual rate of return for calendar year 2021 is 2.09% net of all fees.

Mon-Fri 8a to 5p (Mountain)
Mailing Address:

CollegeInvest Stable Value Plus College Savings Plan
1600 Broadway, Suite 2300
Denver, CO 80202

Plan Details

The Stable Value Plus College Savings Plan was created to protect your principal investment and GUARANTEE a minimum rate of return with earnings that could be greater than the minimum rate of return.

Our GUARANTEED annual rate of return has consistently ranked among the top 3 guaranteed 529 stable value plans in the country year-over-year. Not all “stable value plans” offer a guarantee AND principal protection.

The rate of return, guaranteed by Nationwide®, is reset each year on December 1st and will not go below a minimum of 1.5%. The minimum rate of return of 1.5% is prior to any fees or charges payable to CollegeInvest, including an annual administrative fee which is currently 0.71%.

Online Account Management
Anyone can open and contribute to a Stable Value Plus savings account. There are no income or age restrictions to own an account, or be the beneficiary to an account.

You can manage your college savings account online using the LOGIN features of the website, including access to account maintenance forms.

Low Fees
Enrollment is free! Your only cost is an annual management fee currently at 0.71%.

(CollegeInvest will charge an administrative fee at an annual rate of 0.71% of the average daily net assets in each Account. CollegeInvest will periodically re-evaluate such 0.71% administrative fee level, and, at any time, may determine to either lower such fee level or increase it to an amount that is no greater than 0.99%. CollegeInvest will notify Account Owners of any decision to change the 0.71% administrative fee level.)

Multiple Contribution Methods
Contributions can be made by check, direct deposit, automatic funds transfer, or by rolling over assets from other qualified college savings vehicles. Contributions can be made in person at CollegeInvest, by mail, or wire transfer.

Anyone can contribute to your account. The minimum contribution level is $25.

Additional Tax Benefits
Earnings grow free from federal and state income tax while in a Plan account and qualified withdrawals are not taxable income to the account owner or beneficiary. You may be eligible for additional tax benefits.

If you are a Colorado resident, every dollar you contribute to your account can be deducted from your Colorado taxable income. Residents of other states may still be eligible for certain tax benefits. Please consult your tax advisor for specific information regarding tax benefits.

Investment Management by Nationwide®

Nationwide® is a U.S-based Fortune 100 company with a diversified corporate portfolio and a history of strength and stability dating back more than 90 years. We help advisors break down and simplify their clients’ most complex retirement challenges with consultative support, intelligent strategies, award-winning tools and competitive products. Our wide range of solutions includes annuities, mutual funds, life insurance and retirement plans. We’re committed to helping America retire successfully and to creating a brighter future for our members and communities. Since the year 2000, the Nationwide® Foundation has committed more than $467 million to charitable organizations, and our associates log thousands of volunteer hours each year.

At Nationwide®, we:

  • Keep approximately 37,000 plans
  • Service more than 2.5 million participants
  • Mmanage and administer more than $141 billion in retirement assets*
*Nationwide® statistics as of Sept. 2018
Nationwide®, the Nationwide® N and Eagle and Nationwide® is on your side are service marks of Nationwide® Mutual Insurance Company © 2019 Nationwide® PNM-15526AO (09/19) rating*: Cap Rating
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Frequently asked questions about Stable Value Plus:

How can I contribute to the Plan?
Contributions must be a minimum of $25. Contributions can be made by check, direct deposit, automatic funds transfers, or the rollover of funds from another 529 savings plan. Rollovers of funds from an UTMA/UGMA account have specific limitations.
How Do I Withdraw Funds?

To make a withdrawal from a Plan account, simply submit a Withdrawal Request Form to CollegeInvest. The withdrawal can be sent directly to the Account Owner, the Beneficiary, or the specific school.Please note: Qualified withdrawals must occur within the same calendar year as the expenses to avoid potential penalties.

We will generally direct payment of withdrawals within fifteen (15) days after receiving a properly completed Withdrawal Request Form or on such later date as you may specify in the Withdrawal Request Form. However, CollegeInvest reserves the right to delay remittance of amounts contributed by check or via direct deposit or automatic funds transfers for up to ten (10) business days from the deposit date.

How Long Must the Funds be in the Account before I can Withdraw Them?
Funds equal to the amount of a withdrawal must be in the account a minimum of 10 business days following the date of deposit. CollegeInvest reserves the right to change this rule, or delay the timing of remittance of a withdrawal.