Four plans to save for higher education

At CollegeInvest, we offer one of the broadest selections of state-sponsored 529 investment options in the country. We provide four different savings plans to meet the varying needs of Colorado families.

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Direct Portfolio

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most popular plan

A choice of aggressive to conservative investments, age-based options, individual portfolios, and more.

Stable Value Plus

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Protects your principal AND guarantees a 1.79% annual rate of return for years 2023 and 2024 (net of fees).

Smart Choice

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CollegeInvest’s FDIC-insured 529 savings plan.

Scholars Choice

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for financial professionals

Your financial advisor will open your plan on your behalf. This plan offers advisors and investors a variety of great benefits.

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Not sure which plan is right for you?

We’ve broken down the benefits of each individual plan to make it easy to choose the one that’s right for you.

Introducing First Step: We have a free $100 gift for your newborn child

First Step is a new program designed to help every family in Colorado jump-start their savings by offering a free, $100 gift contribution for all children born or adopted in Colorado.

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The benefits of a 529 savings plan in Colorado

Flexibility, affordability, unique plans with multiple investment options, and the federal and state tax benefits make CollegeInvest one of the best – and easiest – ways to save for college.

Ready to get started?

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Select a plan

CollegeInvest has one of the broadest choices of savings plans in the country. Choose from our four plans.

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We’ll walk you through the information you’ll need like social security numbers and your initial contribution amount and deposit method.

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It takes just 10 minutes to enroll in the plan of your choosing.

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Start Saving

There’s no better time to start saving than today. CollegeInvest is here to help you achieve your goals and save on taxes.

Investment returns are not guaranteed, and you could lose money, including principal.