Investments Managed by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company, formerly known as MetLife Insurance Company USA

100 percent fixed income

Designed to protect your principal investment, this option currently provides an annual rate of return for calendar year 2017 is 2.59% net of all fees.

Stable Value Plus accomplishes this through a guarantee provided to the plan by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company. Since your contributions and accumulated earnings are not exposed to general market risk and fluctuations, this option may be appropriate if you are seeking a low-risk 529 investment or if you plan to use the funds for college soon. For more information, read the Stable Value Plus Plan Disclosure Statement.

Brighthouse Life Insurance Company resets the annual rate of return for the plan each December.

The current annual rate of return for calendar year 2017 is 2.59% net of all fees. 

The rate of return is reset each year by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company
 and will not go below a minimum of 2%. The minimum rate of return of 2% is prior to any fees or charges payable to CollegeInvest, including an annual administrative fee which is currently 0.71%. CollegeInvest posts the new annual rate of return each December on our website.

Important Considerations
To learn about CollegeInvest's Stable Value Plus College Savings Plan, its objectives, risks, charges, expenses, limitations, restrictions, and qualifications regarding the Plan's benefits and potential tax advantages, please read and carefully consider the Plan Disclosure Statement (PDS). Also, check with your or your beneficiary's home state to learn if it offers tax or other benefits for investing in its own plan. Administered and issued by CollegeInvest.

Investments in CollegeInvest Plans are not guaranteed by the State of Colorado, CollegeInvest, or any other governmental entity, and may lose value including the principal amount invested. Administered and issued by CollegeInvest.

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