No, you don’t have to be a millionaire (or related to one) to have a CollegeInvest account. We want accessibility for all parents and grandparents to save for their education goals.

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All it takes to get started is $25 or less. Contributions are accepted by:

  • Dropping a check in the mail.
  • Making a one-time online bank transfer.
  • Payment directly from your checking account or other savings account.
  • Setting up direct deposit with your employer.
  • Scheduled automatic deposits from your bank or credit union.
  • Rolling over funds from another 529 plan.

Minimum contributions to open and subsequent contributions:


$25 to open an account and for subsequent contributions

$15 with a payroll direct deposit plan. Check with your Plan Manager.


No minimum to open or contribute to an account

You decide how much to contribute, when you want to contribute, and how you will contribute. You can review your account at any time to see if you’re on track to meet your savings goals, adjust your account to take advantage of increases in income or gifts or inheritances, or make adjustments to your plan based on your child’s or grandchild’s age.

Mom or dad. Your brother or sister. A favorite aunt or uncle. Even your brother-in-law. Anyone can contribute directly to your account or accounts. Especially for birthdays, the holidays, graduations (especially from kindergarten to first grade), and other special events.

More 529 plan benefits:

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When we talk with parents and grandparents about saving for college, flexibility is at the top of their concerns. It’s also the most inherent benefit of 529 savings plans.

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Tax Benefits

For Colorado taxpayers, contributions to any CollegeInvest 529 account can be deducted from your Colorado state income tax return. Your earnings grow free of federal and state taxes.

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You as the Account Owner control the number of accounts, the Beneficiaries, how much to save, what you pay for and when, and more. With the flexibility to change any of these when YOU want to.