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Grandparents and estate planning.

September 13th, 2017 |

Help your grandchildren with a 529 college savings plan.

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Grandparents carefully considering their estate planning can include 529 accounts for family members to pass on an educational legacy for future generations. Advisors know that families want to pass on wealth for generations and that grandparents are already helping grandchildren with college as a way to ensure these financial and educational legacies. Advisors can help families meet their goals with the best possible financial results when 529 plans enter financial planning process.


  • Tax-deferred growth (investment returns are not taxed in the account)
  • Tax-free withdrawals when used for Qualifying Higher Education Expenses
  • Easily change the account owner or account beneficiary
  • Contributions reduce Colorado taxable income dollar for dollar
  • Account owner retains control of assets at all times
  • Assets are completed gifts, removed from the estate

CollegeInvest is the plan administrator for all the college savings plans in Colorado and they offer 4 account types with dozens of investment options to meet the needs of every financial plan.

Questions? Visit our website: CollegeInvest

Brennan Hannon

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