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State of Colorado Offers Employee Benefit to All Employers

Provide your employees the option to save with a 529 plan as a free and voluntary benefit.

529 as a Free Benefit For All Employees

The State of Colorado is proud to offer one of the nation’s top-rated 529 college savings programs to our residents. As a Colorado employer, you have the opportunity to provide your employees with the option to save with a 529 plan as a free and voluntary benefit.

Colorado’s 529 College Savings Plans are tax-advantaged savings accounts that allow a dollar-for-dollar state tax deduction on contributions. CollegeInvest, a non-profit division of the Department of Higher Education, administers Colorado’s four plans which total more than $6 billion dollars in assets. Over 300,000 families are currently saving for college expenses with a CollegeInvest 529 plan, and our program is a tremendous benefit to anyone saving for college.

The State of Colorado offers a unique service to companies of all sizes across the state to educate employees about saving for college. Through the CollegeInvest Employer Program, a representative is available to visit your workplace and talk about college costs, and how to take advantage of Colorado’s 529 PlansA complimentary lunch is provided for all attendees. While not a requirement, employers can give employees the ability to contribute to their 529 through direct deposit.

The CollegeInvest Employer Program is a free service to your company, and when you contact us by June 1, 2016, your employees will be eligible to receive a free $25 starter account. Please take advantage of Colorado’s 529 program to help your employees.

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