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Account Successor Form

Use this form to designate an individual other than the Beneficiary to assume all rights and responsibilities of an Account in the event of your death, legal incompetence, or if you cannot be located by CollegeInvest.

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Beneficiary Change Form

Use this form to change the Beneficiary of this account to another individual who is a member of the family of the Current Beneficiary.

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Payroll Direct Deposit Form

Use this form if your employer offers direct deposit through payroll and you want to have money automatically deducted from your paycheck and deposited into a Stable Value Plus account, or if you want to change your existing direct deposit instructions. (NOTE: If you do not currently have a Stable Value Plus account, you will need to open a new account before signing up for direct deposit through payroll.)

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Rollover Form

Use this form to roll over all or part of your account from another 529 qualified plan to the Stable Value Plus 529 College Savings Program.

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