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The Advantages of CollegeInvest for Your Clients

CollegeInvest savings plans offer unique benefits to your clients, including a 529 College Savings Program with a Colorado state tax deduction1 and the only Colorado 529 college savings plan that is FDIC-Insured.2

Savings can be used most anywhere in the country at eligible community colleges, public/private four-year colleges and universities, graduate and post graduate programs and even vocational and trade schools.3

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  • Tax Advantages: See the tax benefits of a 529 College Savings Plan.

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  • Calculators: Use our calculators for: college cost predictions, savings projections and tax deductions.


  • FAQ: Find the answers for our most common questions.


  • Mailing Address for Scholars Choice:

          Scholars Choice College Savings Program
          P.O. Box 9680
          Providence, RI 02940-9680


1 Contributions to the Plan(s) are deductible from Colorado state income tax in the calendar year of the contribution, up to your Colorado taxable income for that year. Such deductions are subject to recapture in subsequent years in which non-qualified withdrawals are made.
2 Smart Choice College Savings Plans are not insured by CollegeInvest, the State of Colorado, or its agencies. However, these funds are FDIC-insured in accordance with the current FDIC coverage limits.
3 To be eligible, an institution must participate in the US Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid (FSA) programs.

Important Considerations
To learn about CollegeInvest’s 529 program, its objectives, risks, charges, expenses, limitations, restrictions and qualifications regarding the program's benefits and potential tax advantages, please read and consider carefully the Plan Disclosure Statements (PDS) available at www.collegeinvest.org before investing. Also, check with your or your beneficiary’s home state to learn if it offers tax or other benefits for investing in its own plan.

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