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Stable Value Plus Savings Plan

December 7th, 2016 |

A new rate increase in 2017 for our Stable Value Plus Savings Plan

Every year at this time we announce the new annual rate of return for our Stable Value Plus Savings Plan for the next calendar year.

Effective December 1st the annual rate of return for calendar year 2017 will be increased to 2.59% net of all fees. In fact, the 2017 rate for our Stable Value Plus plan continues to hold the position as the second highest stable value return in the country.

One of four plans in the CollegeInvest Savings Program, we designed it to provide account owners a guaranteed fixed income savings option with a guaranteed minimum rate of return (never to fall below 2%) that’s reset annually every December.

If you’re new to CollegeInvest and considering opening an account, you can do it directly on our website. It only takes $25 to open an account, and subsequent contributions must be at least $25. Contributions can be made by check, direct deposit, or automatic fund transfer.

If you currently own a Stable Value Plus account(s) and you’re a Colorado taxpayer, remember that contributions to the account made by December 31st are applicable for a Colorado income tax reduction on your 2016 taxes.

If a family member of friend contributes to your account, and they’re a Colorado taxpayer, they’re also eligible for the tax deduction for their direct contributions.

Click here to open a Stable Value Plus account.
If you are a current account owner, click here to login and make a contribution.

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