Why CollegeInvest

At CollegeInvest, our goal is to provide a variety of savings options that all meet the needs of Colorado families, regardless of saving and investment preferences.

We manage Colorado’s only 529 College Savings Program, which offers a variety of tax benefits and other considerations that help you save for college tuition and other eligible expenses.

Saving for college can seem daunting. We all have great intentions, but most of us easily put off saving for that “rainy day.” There are so many questions it’s easy to put it off: Will my daughter or son, grandson or granddaughter go to college? How much will it cost? What can we afford? What are our options?

CollegeInvest should be your best resource to help you attain your higher education goals. And as a Parent, Grandparent, Employer or Advisor, there are many options to achieve your specific goals. Throughout our website we provide you with lots of information to evaluate and make the choices that best fit your needs.